Our Brand

"What started as an idea over dinner grew into something bigger: a mission to connect our community through inspiring designs"

Starting a t-shirt business and building a brand was something we've always wanted to do. As avid anime convention goers ourselves, we realized there was a lack of design culture and fashion brands built around the anime industry. This was a space we saw that could use huge improvement but also took it as an opportunity to develop premium quality products that resonate with the community, all at an affordable price.

"We wanted to bring something new, fresh, and unique."

And to bring these ideas to life we needed to create something that we wanted ourselves — a higher-quality and well-designed product. Which is why our shirts today are primarily typography and minimal based designs. By thinking typographically, we knew it had the potential to be timeless. Minimalism works extremely well when it comes to showcasing an idea as the simplicity of the design allows for the attention to immediately go to the concept rather than the other elements around it.

"We structure our designs around 3 rules: simplicity, boldness, and moe (萌え, a Japanese slang describing a strong affection torwards someone )."

When we started, we were by no means a designer by trade. Every design that we conceptualize goes through a considerable amount of thought. It has to have a meaning and purpose. In fact, our first concept of the tsundere shirt has undergone 60+ iterations before arriving at a final design. Every detail in the months leading up to our first release has been scrutinized, right down to the kerning, font choice, color palettes, garment type, screen-printing methods, katakana, and accuracy of concept. We take great pride in our work and only want the best for our customers. To this very day, we seek ways to continually improve on existing designs.

"At KyuuTees, it’s more than a t-shirt company: it’s a way of life."

Fundamentally, our bold and simple designs foster a unique kind of social interaction only found in the anime community. KyuuTees is a brand that is deeply committed to building a stronger community around us and sharing with the world our love for anime.

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