Our Mascot

Kyuu-chan is the mascot of KyuuTees. She majors in loafing around with a focus in couch potatoing. When asked about her age, she always simply replies “legal loli”. When she’s not watching animu, she’s busy raging at her teammates feeding in solo queue. Rumours has it that her affection for milk tea stems from her pettanko insecurities. Although she believes that milk contributes to a larger chest, her childish antics of hating milk proves to be an ignorant and ineffective alternative.

And despite her terrible diet between milk tea and lunchables pizza, she never seems to gain weight. She spends a disgusting amount of time on forums constructing P.H.D. level essays on why other people’s waifus are trash. In the 3D world that she rarely visits, she is an awkward and timid girl who typically trips over her own words. She is easily embarrassed considering her chuunibyou-ish tendencies. She only truly loves two people in the world: her little sister and…her waifu.

She is evidently, for better or for worse, one of us.

We are proud to announce a KyuuTees x P19 exclusive collaboration with the joint efforts of Visual Novel Studio, Sekai Project and Crenter.jp.

At KyuuTees, our brand represents more than a lifestyle. It is a social mission to connect our community through simple, bold, and inspiring designs. And to help with this we needed a voice. We needed a symbol who would help make our goals possible.

Without the support of our fans and community, there would have been no mascot. So thank you, everyone, who has helped us along the way. We are also incredibly blessed and lucky to work with such an amazing artist and studio to help our mission and vision come to life. We're excited for what the future of our mascot and partnership will bring to KyuuTees and our supporters!

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